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Corporate Photography

Corporate photography is your company’s first impression to your prospective clients.

Corporate Photography by Halcyon Media offers a full range of corporate photography services that include archiecture/landscape, corporate photography, lifestyle/traditional portraits, food photography, events, or anything else that could feasibly be photographed for your corporate needs.

We approach all photography in a non-traditional and daring manner. Instead of overdone and boring posed photographs such as two people shaking hands or having your employees standing in a straight line, we attempt to capture more natural and candid moments. Portraits of your company’s leaders and employees will be taken in places around your workplace or near a product you are featuring and not just in front of a white screen. We will go to great lengths to capture the best photos from the best angles for you – no crevice is too dark or too dusty. We will take 300 photos of an item just to ensure that we get that single perfect and beautiful photo that will represent you, your company, and your product.

The quality of your corporate photographs would increase greatly as well if you are willing to hire us long-term, since having us around will engage familiarity in both directions – as we become more familiar with your employees and their personalities and the more familiar they become with us, they will become more comfortable around us and we will be more able to capture better, more candid photos; by spending more time with your company’s products and philosophy, we can deliver better images to you as well. Long-term engagement is also suitable if you have a building or something similar in progress and you wish to capture every little bit of progress from start to finish.

Contact us now for your corporate photography needs.